Audentes fortuna iuvat

Audentes fortuna iuvat

Audentes fortuna iuvat

“Fortune favors the bold, but abandons the timid.”  

Latin proverb.

In law schools everywhere, first year students live in terror of being called upon (always by the formal “Mr.” or “Ms.” so-and-so), whereupon, per the Socratic Method, they must stand, recite the facts of the assigned case and then be intellectually disemboweled by the professor in front of their peers.  Kinder professors seek volunteers before calling on students; tyrant-types enjoy and exaggerate the tension as they look down at the seating chart to see who to select to next enter the lair of the Minotaur.

One day at the University of Virginia School of Law a tyrant-type professor called on a student who stood, and replied:  “I am [name redacted] of the Law Review (a student-run law journal), and if I have something to say I will raise my hand and say it.” Yipes! And he sat down, to stunned silence.  

What happened next is long forgotten, and irrelevant.  It was the stuff of which legends are made, and the story still makes the rounds at the law school today, years later.  Whatever happened to this student? Upon graduation he served as law clerk to a U.S. Supreme Court Justice (not an easy gig to get) and, later, returned to the University of Virginia School of Law to teach and serve as Dean of the law school with distinction.  Not too shabby.  

The point(s)?

  • Don’t be bullied by anyone
  • A little self-esteem goes a long way!
  • Speak only when you have something to say
  • There may be whole paradigms of action we are missing
  • The universe favors the bold

Aristotle teaches that repeated daily actions become habits which over time become character. Here’s to each of us having the courage to live life a little bolder every day!  

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